Anita Daniels, a North Carolina native and licensed clinical social worker, submitted an application to fill the unexpired term for the Ward 3 seat on the Durham City Council. 


The positions Anita has held the past 27 years allowed her to work with different segments of the community - - business, education, religious, non-profit organizations, government, elected officials, and the people who access community resources. Anita’s vision for Durham is:


  • JOBS & Employment - - a vibrant local economy which creates jobs with a livable wage.
  • Training - - employment training for adults who want and need a job to join our changing labor markets.
  • Affordable Housing - - ensuring affordable housing options in safe neighborhoods for families with limited/fixed income 
  • Land Use -- an inviting community that promotes smart growth while maintaining the environment.
  • Accountable, competent leaders willing to make tough decisions.

Like President Obama, a single mother and her grandparents raised Anita.  Her grandfather served as pastor of three small rural churches and worked as a service station attendant.  Her mother and grandmother worked as domestics for many years.  Her mother later became a state employee, retiring after 25 years of service.


Anita was three years old when she moved with her grandparents from the projects to a house her grandfather later purchased in 1971. He paid $209.33 down and monthly payments of $76.46 for 15 years, making a tremendous sacrifice to improve the life of his family.


The first college graduate in her family, Anita worked four part-time jobs at East Carolina University while attending class full-time. She started her formal social work career seven days after graduation at Caswell Center in Kinston, NC in 1985.


Today, Anita is director of Durham Center Access (DCA), operated by Freedom House Recovery Center. She describes DCA as the emergency room for citizens with mental illness, alcohol and other drug addictions, and intellectual disabilities. She also serves as the assistant minister of congregational care at Union Baptist Church on Roxboro Street in Durham.


Anita’s passion for helping people is rooted in her upbringing. Anita’s mother refused to accept support from DSS. Her grandfather taught her to honor her agreements. “If you know better, you ought to do better,” he told Anita and her cousins often. If she could discover what someone needed, point them in the right direction or otherwise positively affect a life, she had done what her life experiences in the Daniels family taught her.


She is pursuing the Ward 3 seat to take the lessons and values of her family to the Durham City Council. We ask you to support Anita Daniels for a stronger and better Durham!

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Anita Daniels